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an Action Horror Roleplaying Game

Vampyrvania System Reference Document v 0.8

Vampyrvania is copyright 2023 Muzzleland Press. All art assets are property of Imaginary Monsters. These rules may be distributed freely with attribution.

The full version of Vampyrvania will feature revised and expanded rules, original artwork by Imaginary Monsters, more flavor text, more enemies and boss monsters, and a full adventure (called a “stage”) for play. Additional stages and material will follow.

This document is a pre-release beta meant to be used for playtesting purposes for Vampyrvania, a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by horror video games from the 8, 16, and 32-bit console eras. It does not simulate the logistics of traditional dungeon crawls or wilderness exploration, but instead focuses on fast-paced combat against classic monsters in spooky and dangerous Gothic horror locations.


All rules are subject to change.


Do you or your players have feedback on the game? Please submit it here.

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