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The classic monsters have returned… again!

During the gothic horror revival of the late 1950s through the 1970s, vampires, witches, devil worshipers, occultists, spirits, ghouls, and grave-robbing mad scientists returned to terrify a new generation of thrill-seeking movie audiences. Influenced by the social and cultural upheavals of the time and the ever-present specter of nuclear war, these classic terrors became more violent, more subversive—and more seductive.

Behold the Undead of Dracula features stories inspired by the films of the gothic horror revival, dripping with blazing bright-red blood and radiating sex appeal. Eleven of the best authors in underground horror fiction offer up unique and terrifying takes on this special era of cinematic history, summoning spine-tingling tales sure to frighten and seduce unwary readers.

Grab your popcorn, take a seat, and watch as the curtain rises on these neo-gothic nightmares. Bear witness to the lurid and sensual horrors of...

Behold the Undead of Dracula!


  • “Go to the Devil” by Matthew M. Bartlett

  • “Over the Violets There That Lie” by Gwendolyn Kiste

  • “George Strait and the Black Orchard Grimoire” by Mer Whinery

  • “Vengeance of the Blood Princess” by Dominique Lamssies

  • “Diabolus in Musica” by William Tea

  • “Taste of Fear in the Night (European Release Title: Curse of the Mountain Witches)” by Tom Breen

  • “You Should Smile More: The Blood Coven of Arkana” by Heather L. Levy

  • “Mina’s Castle” by Sean M. Thompson

  • “Cleaver Castle of Carnage Presents: The Coven Strikes Back” by Christa Carmen

  • “The Bloody Cask of Rasputin” by Thomas C. Mavroudis

  • “The Filthy Creation of Frankenstein” by Gemma Files

  • Cover art by Trevor Henderson

  • Interior illustration by Mat Fitzsimmons

  • Editing and layout by Jonathan Raab

FreakyTalesFromtheForce Cover for ISBN 5


Anthology / Novel Hybrid

Elected as county sheriff on a paranormal defense and anti-goblinry platform, Sheriff Cecil Kotto has defended the citizens of his Rust Belt community from secret societies, malignant aliens, blood-stealing nonprofit organizations, and more.

To document his war against the paranormal, Kotto stars in Freaky Tales From the Force, a local documentary-style public access television show produced by reporter Veronica Cartwright.

Join Sheriff Kotto, his intrepid deputies, and the public access television crew as they investigate a variety of supernatural threats including wendigos, a lizard boy, evil clones, a haunted numbers station, flesh creepers, the wreckage of neoliberal economic policies, a Nazi sorcerer, a spectral locomotive—and a season-spanning threat: cosmic bloodsucking bastards from outer space!

Each story in this anthology represents one episode of Freaky Tales' inaugural season, capturing all the high-octane, hard-drinking, high-strange action. Featuring special guest star writers and a new long-form story arc, Freaky Tales From the Force: Season One is the perfect book for readers new to the Kottoverse and long-time fans alike.

Tune in, crack a beer, watch the skies—and support your local sheriff!

T16 Front.jpg



Now you’re playing with… TERROR

Demons stalk the circuit boards. Phantoms roam the arcade. Programmers embed occult secrets into the code. Madness spreads from player to player like a virus. Virtual and augmented reality are haunted by unspeakable forces. Doom-cursed warriors live and die and live and die again and again, in bloody and brutal fashion. The denizens of a tortured cyberworld begin to wake up… and get very, very angry.

Power up across fifteen shocking and sinister levels of video game-inspired horror, from unique tributes to legendary game franchises to alarming visions of technology gone to hell.

These rising stars of independent horror channel our fears of the new interactive electronic frontier—and reveal the terrors that await us in the great digital abyss beyond.

So grab the controller and press start. But no cheat code can save you from… TERROR IN 16-BITS


Matthew M. Bartlett, Jack Burgos, Amber Fallon, Julie K. Godard, Orrin Grey, J.R. Hamantaschen, Amberle L. Husbands, Thomas C. Mavroudis, Adrean Messmer, Brian O'Connell, Jonathan Raab, Alex Smith, William Tea, Sean M. Thompson, Richard Wolley


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