Cosmic folk horrors haunt a public access hunting show. A talking chainsaw warps the flesh of a man hellbent on revenge. A woman in recovery discovers a clown mask in her backyard and soon prefers it to her own face. The mysterious episodes of an avant-garde internet horror show arrest the imagination of an aspiring filmmaker. The tragic history behind a lost Euro-horror vampire film inspires a video game adaptation with its own sordid legacy. A county sheriff investigates disappearances linked to pirate radio broadcasts. Military veterans study Fortean phenomena on a remote Colorado ranch. A new strain of high-powered cannabis opens a gateway to a haunted city, threatening to upend more than just the local black market…

Paranoia and the dissolution of reality itself manifest in the short stories and flash fiction of Jonathan Raab, who wields conspiracy theories and supernatural elements to deliver tales of unique high strange horror.

It’s our world… not as we know it, but as we fear it truly is.




(Anti)Introductions by Christopher Slatsky and Tom Breen

Huntin' Them Hills with Joel and Big Howie

Core Rules


The Order of the Night Moose

Name-Brand Cough Syrup
To Oppose Evil is to Live: A Brief Oral History of Behold the Undead of Dracula the Video Game

Frosty Pyramid Treats

Dr. Coagulant's Splatter Lab

A Face in a Cardboard Box

Apartment for Rent

The Secret Goatman Spookshow

At the Dark Edge of a Walmart Parking Lot

Midnight Mass

A Capable Man

Pause for Station Identification (with Matthew M. Bartlett and Jared Collins)



The Crawling Fingers of the King


Edited by Benjamin Holesapple, with cover art by Trevor Henderson and interior art by Mat Fitzsimmons. Published by Turn to Ash.


Paperback. 324 pages.

The Secret Goatman Spookshow and Other Psychological Warfare Operations

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