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The Crypt of Blood: A Halloween TV Special

by Jonathan Raab

Illustrated by Mat Fitzsimmons
Cover art by Trevor Henderson


A Found Footage Gothic Nightmare!


Halloween night, 2007. A television station near Denver, Colorado broadcasts a locally produced film adaptation of the Gothic horror novel The Crypt of Blood. The spirited production of the classic vampire story begins as a loving throwback to the horror movies of old, complete with rubber bats, inspired makeup effects, and plenty of fake blood.


But what transpired on the small screen that fateful evening was more than just a made-for-TV horror movie. The cameras inadvertently captured events far more terrifying than any plastic-fanged vampire—and may have recorded the final living moments of the production’s cast and crew.


The Crypt of Blood: A Halloween TV Special has since become an urban legend, a myth relegated to internet forums, speculation among rare film collectors, and the ravings of the mad and paranoid. Some call it a publicity stunt. Others decry it as a hoax. A few say the broadcast never aired at all.


But those who claim to have actually seen it... insist that it reveals an unimaginable legacy of terror.


You find yourself in possession of a copy of that dreaded broadcast, its cursed images seared into the magnetic tape of a well-worn VHS cassette. It’s time to discover the truth behind the infamous broadcast, and whether The Crypt of Blood: A Halloween TV Special is just another urban legend—or if it delivers the horrors its reputation promises.


The television screen beckons. The VCR eagerly accepts the tape. Halloween is upon us. It’s time to press PLAY.

Novelette; equivalent to about 50 paperback pages.

The Crypt of Blood: A Halloween TV Special - epub