Now you’re playing with… TERROR

Demons stalk the circuit boards. Phantoms roam the arcade. Programmers embed occult secrets into the code. Madness spreads from player to player like a virus. Virtual and augmented reality are haunted by unspeakable forces. Doom-cursed warriors live and die and live and die again and again, in bloody and brutal fashion. The denizens of a tortured cyberworld begin to wake up… and get very, very angry.

Power up across fifteen shocking and sinister levels of video game-inspired horror, from unique tributes to legendary game franchises to alarming visions of technology gone to hell. These rising stars of independent horror channel our fears of the new interactive electronic frontier—and reveal the terrors that await us in the great digital abyss beyond.

So grab the controller and press START. But no cheat code can save you from… TERROR IN 16-BITS

Matthew M. Bartlett, Jack Burgos, Amber Fallon, Julie K. Godard, Orrin Grey, J.R. Hamantaschen, Amberle L. Husbands, Thomas C. Mavroudis, Adrean Messmer, Brian O'Connell, Jonathan Raab, Alex Smith, William Tea, Sean M. Thompson, Richard Wolley


Terror in 16-bits

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