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Updates: Sale! NecronomiCon! New novel!

A few quick notes:

  1. I launched a sale on all remaining physical stock in the shop. Each item is 50% off, as Muzzleland Press HQ will be relocating this summer. Help me save on fuel and shipping costs and grab a spooky book in the process.

  2. Muzzleland Press is officially registered for NecronomiCon this August as a vendor. I'll be splitting the table with another horror writer (a Muzzleland alumnus) and selling copies of my most recent work, including...

  3. The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon, which is in print proof review and final revisions stages. This brand-new horror novel will debut at the convention with a wider release to follow. All copies sold through the Muzzleland Press store will be signed (orders will open late August/early September). I'm very proud of this book and hope you'll take the journey into cosmic terror with the patients of Class 001 this fall.

  4. Other project updates: My tabletop roleplaying game Splatter Mansions is delayed due to the move. The basic rules are complete, but I need to stat out monsters, write a couple of scenarios, and playtest. I'm also hard at work on another novel, Project Vampire Killer, about bloodsucking freaks, systems of control, and the movies. It should be ready for a spring or summer 2023 release.

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