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Update on The Secret Goatman Spookshow short story collection

With pre-orders on my first short story collection closing, I wanted to provide a quick update.

The printer we are using to produce the book has been experiencing printing and shipping delays since the beginning of the pandemic due to increased demand. Ben, the editor and publisher over at Turn to Ash, works in the healthcare industry and I'm frequently balancing full-time work with taking care of my son, for whom we do not always have child care.

The good news is the first print runs of the book are ordered and should arrive for me to sign and ship them by the end of the month or early July. If you pre-ordered the collection you can expect it sometime next month. Once the pre-orders go out we'll authorize distribution, so you'll be able to request it through your local library, friendly local book shop, or from one of the online outfits.

We have plans for an ebook release later this year but are focused on the print version for now.

Thank you for your patience and for supporting independent horror literature. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or at jonathan[at] if you have any questions!


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