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The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon is Full of Sharp Teeth and Sharper Truths - Tor Nightfire

The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon is the most disturbing thing Jonathan Raab’s ever written. It’s also possibly the best.

Given that Raab has carved himself out a space in horror as both the writer and editor of a whole deranged universe of surreal, psychedelic horror, this is no mean feat. The man has a gift for mind-shredding cosmic horror, high strangeness, and a unique form of media blending that means a book or a story can go from traditional narrative to found-footage transcript on a dime. But while Camp Winter Falcon might offer some familiar sights for fans of Raab’s work (and an excellent primer for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure,) the brutal, pulsating brain at the center of Winter Falcon is the way Raab seamlessly melds a frank, authentic depiction of its veteran protagonists’ PTSD into the horror narrative.

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