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Project Vampire Killer now available

Today is the official launch date of my latest novel, Project Vampire Killer. You can order it directly from me to get it signed, or through various online retailers:

Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million If You Buy Here, Donate to the Amazon Labor Union IndieBound Thrift Books

I am working on an ebook version, which will be available soon.


New Camlough Studios is making a horror movie about bloodsucking freaks, one harkening back to the vampire classics of old. When a down-on-his-luck defense contractor accepts a position as the production’s head of security, he discovers that the on-camera terrors are nothing compared to the real thing. Something blood-hungry haunts the forest… Something the producers may have known about from the start. What follows is a hallucinogenic descent into the fog-shrouded, blood-soaked, fang-punctured world of cinema-as-sorcery, archetypal horrors, and subliminal systems of control.

“Raab is the most dangerous kind of terror wordsmith. He deals in the sort of horror that you don’t know scares you until you’ve already jumped clean out of your skin.”

-Mer Whinery, author of The Country Girl's Guide to Hexes and Haints

Written by Jonathan Raab and edited by Steve Grinstead. Cover art by Hellish Maggot and interior illustration by Mat Fitzsimmons.

Horror / Fantasy / Military Fiction. 302 Pages. Paperback perfect bound.

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