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Project Vampire Killer cover reveal

My new horror novel, Project Vampire Killer, comes out this May. Preorders will be live in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the cover art by artist Hellish Maggot (@hellish.cav on Instagram).

Project Vampire Killer is edited by Steve Grinstead and features an art piece from Mat Fitzsimmons. It will initially be available as a paperback and later as an ebook from this website and various online retailers.

Book cover with title Project Vampire killer and author name Jonathan Raab over a giant green vampire head floating above a castle, with bats and a forest in the background


New Camlough Studios is making a horror movie about bloodsucking freaks, one harkening back to the Gothic classics of old. When a down-on-his-luck defense contractor accepts a position as the production’s head of security, he discovers that the on-camera terrors are nothing compared to the real thing. Something blood-hungry haunts the forest… Something the producers may have known about from the start. What follows is a hallucinogenic descent into the fog-shrouded, blood-soaked, fang-punctured world of cinema-as-sorcery, archetypal horrors, and subliminal systems of control.

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