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Mer Whinery's The Country Girl’s Guide to Hexes and Haints now available for preorder

Mer Whinery is a frequent contributor to Muzzleland Press projects, from his appearances in multiple anthologies, his novel Trade Yer Coffin For A Gun, to lending his setting for use in The Lesser Swamp Gods of Little Dixie. If you've enjoyed my work at all, I recommend Whinery with the greatest of enthusiasm. He is a foundational influence, as his debut collection The Little Dixie Horror Show was one of a handful of horror texts that set me on my present course as a writer.

I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at his latest novel, The Country Girl's Guide to Hexes and Haints, a book that proves he's a writer emerging at the top of his game, bringing a southern-fried grindhouse style to contemporary horror fiction that is totally unique.

Show some support for a Muzzleland alumnus and one of my favorite writers by preordering his new novel from Journalstone.

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