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I managed to write a few things in 2021.

I stayed busy with creative pursuits this year, despite the odds:

The Secret Goatman Spookshow and Other Psychological Warfare Operations (Turn to Ash) is my debut short story collection. I'm immensely proud of this body of work, which includes revised versions of my earlier short stories and some new material. If you've never read me, start here. Orrin Grey had some nice things to say about it, which means more to me than pretty much anything else possibly could.

My story "To Oppose Evil is to Live: A Brief Oral History of Behold the Undead of Dracula: The Video Game" appeared in Forbidden Futures #8.

My Orford Parish-inspired short story "A Pamphlet Found Among Broken Glass Near the East Wing Entrance" is available to read online or purchase in the Winter 2021 issue of Underland Arcana. Thanks to Tom Breen for giving me permission to visit my favorite New England backwater.

"Anne Gare's Rare and Import Video Catalogue" served as interspersed flash fiction in Hymns of Abomination, the tribute anthology for the great Matthew M. Bartlett. I mostly wrote it to make Matt laugh. I'm particularly happy with the piece on the "lost' Star Trek: The Next Generation Halloween episodes.

"SKYWARNING" appeared in Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing's Lost Contact, and is about occult paranoia, forest fires, and an isolated research center. It's one of my best.

I wrote a full-length novel this year called The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon, for which I'm currently seeking representation / a home. I may end up self-publishing the novel considering its subject matter: suicidal, depressive, and addicted war veterans working through their trauma at a haunted military facility with connections to UFO technology and occult research. Hilarity ensues.

I'm also hard at work on a new novel tentatively titled Project: Vampire Killer about an indie Gothic horror movie shoot in upstate New York. I hope to have a rules-lite horror tabletop RPG ready for NecronomiCon 2022 called Splatter Mansions, so I'm keeping busy, even if my short story output will be otherwise nonexistent in 2022.

I hope your new year is better than the last. Take care of yourself and find time to create or enjoy some good horror books.


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