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Excerpts from "Anne Gare's Rare and Import Video Catalogue" selected for The Best Horror of the Year

Editor Ellen Datlow selected “Elephant Subjected to the Predations of a Mentalist – Dir. B.S. Stockton, 1921" and “Ol’ Will’s Birthday Bash and Dither Family Reunion – Dir. Various, 1952" for her annual Best Horror of the Year Anthology. I'm very proud of my contributions to Hymns of Abomination (edited by Justin Burnett) which I wrote, frankly, to make Matthew M. Bartlett laugh. Matt's work has been a constant influence and inspiration since I first reached out to him on Reddit for a review copy of Gateways to Abomination so many years ago.

Details on the anthology are forthcoming, but you can read the full table of contents here.

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