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Coming Soon: The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon by Jonathan Raab


Suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression, substance abuse issues and more, a small group of military veterans arrive at Camp Winter Falcon’s experimental rehabilitation program looking for a second chance.

The patients of Class 001 quickly discover they have a connection to the site’s occult history, to one another, and to dark forces eager to commune with human hosts. What should be a three-week mental health retreat instead becomes a terrifying descent into cosmic horror.

Camp Winter Falcon is haunted by supernatural entities intent on making contact at all costs, and the veterans are not patients at all—they are test subjects for deep-state supernatural research… and the first soldiers enlisted for a new kind of occult warfare.


"Raab's strain of Weird is an unsettling cocktail of Fortean paranoia, ghostly nightmares, intricate conspiracies, and founts of gore. But here he deviates from his previous work in important ways—while the uncanny fog of, say, Fulci's The Beyond or 80s VHS analog nasties in general still permeate the prose like eerie incense, here Raab is not in thrall to 80s pastiche, but utilizes such to punctuate the traumas of war, the horrific crimes of Colonialism, American military invasions, and of psychic violence that resonates through the souls of veterans and survivors of U.S. aggression. The whole is hauntingly poignant, glowing with a cosmic strangeness and macabre wonder with plenty of creatures and nastiness to satisfy one's hunger for supernatural horrors. Clandestine government experiments, top secret psychic projects and 'the psychic detritus of the endless mausoleum of history' create an unholy alliance that will swiftly race readers across a macabre geography over the very borders of Hell."

- Christopher Slatsky, author of The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature


The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon will debut at NecronomiCon Providence, August 18-21, at the Muzzleland Press / WXXT table in the vendor's room.

All books sold from the Muzzleland Press online store afterwards will be signed and personalized. Wider distribution will follow in late August. An ebook will be available in the fall.

The novel features cover art by Blake Austin, an icon by Mat Fitzsimmons, and editing by Sean M. Thompson.

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